Spinning their wheels

Bing Liu may still have a thing or two to learn about filmmaking, but his documentary "Minding the Gap" shows he fully understands what it's like to grow up in a town like Rockford, Ill., where middle-class life can still be considered a fantasy. Liu spent a decade capturing him and his two buddies skateboarding and struggling into adulthood with plenty of spills along the way.

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Risky business

If and when Tom Cruise gets tired of tackling impossible missions, he should still have a healthy career in Hollywood. The 2017 film "American Made" is proof that the star doesn't need to work up a sweat to engage audiences, using his devilish charm to draw viewers into his con-man character, who ends up smuggling drugs for anyone who will sign the check.

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Believe it or not

"Magic for Humans" is billed as Justin Willman's explorations of America's subcultures, but at its best, it's really just a showcase for the sleight-of-hand artist as he wows unsuspecting bystanders in parks and outside grocery stores.

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Neal Justin