White House down

Before striking gold with "Empire," Lee Daniels stumbled a bit with "Lee Daniels' The Butler," an overwrought drama filled with great actors, but too far-reaching in its scope. It is fun, though, to see Jane Fonda impersonate Nancy Reagan. 8 p.m. TMC

The heat is on

Eddie Murphy's weak appearance on the "Saturday Night Live" special and the Oscars had us thinking back to a time when he was, you know, funny. He probably peaked with 1984's "Beverly Hills Cop," in which he gets to show off a little of everything. 9 p.m. VH1

Strike a pose

A Madonna appearance on late-night television used to be an excuse to call in sick for work the next day. Her stop at "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" may not be a big deal anymore, but never underestimate the pop queen. 10:35 p.m. KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin