Cry, cry, cry

“The Red Line” is the kind of a “miniseries with a message” that network TV used to program on a regular basis. CBS deserves credit for breaking from its onslaught of crime procedurals to turn over eight hours of prime-time real estate to this story about the aftermath of a police-involved shooting. Unfortunately, the writers are so intent on playing with our emotions that the actors, who include Noah Wyle, seem to have been hired for their ability to cry on cue.

7 p.m. Sun., WCCO, Ch. 4

Love in vain

The series “ReMastered” has become must-see TV for music lovers as it finds new takes on familiar musicians. “Devil at the Crossroads” continues that tradition as it breaks down myths about blues great Robert Johnson and blues music in general. Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt and various historians join us on the journey.

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Room for one more

Minneapolis native Genevieve Gorder, who bounces between projects more often than most of us change light bulbs, brings her keen eye to “Best Room Wins,” a new competition series in which two interior designers with big egos and small budgets take each other on. Gorder serves as the intimidating host.

9 p.m. Wed., Bravo

Neal Justin