Love him madly

Even detractors of Jim Morrison (count me as one) will be romanced by footage of the Adonis-like rock star in "The Doors: When You're Strange" (8 p.m., KTCA, Ch. 2) as well as Johnny Depp's reverent narration. The film, directed by Tom DiCillo, is not so much a documentary as it is a love letter to a time when pop culture needed a rebel and got one -- even if he might not have been the right one.

Sweet music

You might not know much about the Academy Award-winning documentary "Music by Prudence" (7 p.m., HBO2). That's partly because it's about a little-known woman who overcame her physical disabilities to be a successful musician in Zimbabwe. It's also because the film's moment in the sun was spoiled by an onstage verbal battle at the Oscars. Enjoy it now -- without interruption.

Model behavior

For the season finale of the 14th installment of "America's Next Top Model" (7 p.m., WUCW, Ch. 23), the four finalists must endure two hours of shooting a cosmetics ad, walking the runway at a fashion show and dodging cell phones hurled by Naomi Campbell.