Streep and Baldwin make a funny pair

Some of the best lines in "It's Complicated" aren't even lines. Instead, they're looks, landed with the skill of a Chesley Sullenberger by two masters of comic acting, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. As Jane and Jake Adler -- 10 years divorced and with three grown children, yet suddenly drawn back into each other's lives (and beds) after a drunken fling over the weekend of their son's college graduation -- the stars pick up the movie and run away with it. The writing and direction, by romantic-comedy veteran Nancy Meyers ("Something's Gotta Give"), are deft. But it's Streep and Baldwin's ribald performances and effervescent chemistry that put the pep in this movie's highly choreographed, yet richly entertaining step. The DVD and Blu-ray include commentary and a featurette (Universal, $30-$37).


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