Minnesota's highly competitive state and congressional races are being watched nationwide as the November election fast approaches.

As proof of just how high the stakes are for the White House, Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday made his second visit to Minnesota in less than a month to attend the American Legion's national convention and a state Republican Party fundraiser, where he told a crowd of 400 to "turn Minnesota red." He visited in early August to support Eighth Congressional District candidate Pete Stauber after President Donald Trump had hosted a rally in Duluth only days before.

While the White House has hit Minnesota hard so far, high-profile Democrats have been notably absent. (On Friday, the DFL announced Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will speak at an Oct. 20 event.)

When asked about the lack of national attention, DFL Chairman Ken Martin said: "While the GOP is having high-priced fundraisers in swanky ballrooms, DFL candidates are focused on doing the work and having real conversations with voters. While we should expect to see some visits from some national figures in the future, right now we're loving everything we're hearing from Minnesotans at the doors and on the phones."

But as summer winds down, Minnesotans can expect to start seeing more political door-knockers, mailers and TV ads as campaigns ramp up.