Ran across the following entry this morning on i09:

Jay Maynard, better known as TRON Guy, intended on wearing his famous light-up costume to a showing of TRON: Legacy recently, but his local movie theater refused to admit him. What on earth do they have against awkward costumes? Basically Maynard called a Minnesota theater in advance to let them know that he was going to wear his costume only to be told that he would not be allowed to watch the movie in it because it's "too distracting."

That's a pity. You'd think -

Wait a minute. He's in Minnesota? Really? A little googling, and we found a phone number. Herewith the whole story:

Q. So, what happened?

Tron Guy: What happened was TMZ, they wanted me to get pictures appearing at the theater in costume. I was going to go to the 3d theater in Mankato up at the mall. I saw it here at Fairmont, where the theater doesn’t do it justice, so I was going to go see it at a good theater. It’s a 50 mile drive, and I thought it probably best not to spring them on it cold. I called the theater and asked, and they said they would greatly prefer that I not.

Q. Did they say why?

Tron Guy: Not really. She fumbled around about it. I got the impression that I wasn’t speaking to a manager but a flunky - she said she was the only one there. It was probably one of those things where they're afraid to say yes.

Q. Are you contemplating civil disobedience? Just showing up and saying deal with it, I’m Tron Guy?

Tron Guy: If it was summer, I wold think about it. That costume is anything but warm and this is a Minnesota winter.


Q. It’s not like you told them you were going to sit in the theater glowing blue, did you?


Tron Guy: I was planning on basically being outside the theater itself in the concession area. That would make TMZ happy.


Q. Do you just have the one famous costume?


Tron Guy: Just have the one, and it’s beginning to show its age. The unitard is really showing the effects of age.


Q. The new movie is much more advanced than the first - have you considered updating the costume?


Tron Guy: There will be a new costume based on the movie. There are a few deals I have in the works, but I can’t talk about it.


Q. Did TMZ pay you?


Tron Guy: They weren’t going to pay me for it. I believe I made the show.


Q. Anyone from the studio ever contacted you for some publicity in advance of the new film?


Tron Guy: I have never heard a single word out of Disney. 

Q.How about coming up here? We’d love to have you.

Tron Guy: I’ve thought about it. What I would like to do is make an appearance in conjunction with a theater. I am definitely willing and happy to come up!

There you go, local theater owners: get yourself some publicity and bring this up to the cities! By the way, here's his review in Wired.  (Spoiler: he liked it.)

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