Hair searches net complaints

The American Civil Liberties Union said it has reached an agreement with the Transportation Security Administration to ensure that black women are not singled out for pat-down searches of their hair. Neuroscientist Malaika Singleton, a black woman, said in her complaint that TSA agents squeezed her "Sisterlocks" styled hair at Los Angeles International Airport and again at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport during a 2013 trip to London to attend a Group of Eight summit. A TSA attorney said the agency will retrain security officers at LAX and Minneapolis to emphasize "race neutrality" and will track TSA complaints by black women to see whether excessive hair searches are problems at other airports.

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Travel trend

Airbnb expands to Cuba

As of last week, the popular online home-rental service Airbnb allows American travelers to book lodging in Cuba in the most significant U.S. business expansion on the island since the declaration of detente between the two countries late last year. Airbnb searches for "Cuba" now turn up more than 1,000 properties across the island, with 40 percent in Havana and the rest in tourist destinations such as Cienfuegos, a few hours away on the southern coast. The company has been sending teams of representatives to Cuba for three months to sign up homeowners, and plans to expand steadily in coming months. One of the most developed and important elements of Cuba's entrepreneurial sector is a network of thousands of privately owned rooms and houses for tourists. "We are actually plugging into an existing culture of micro-enterprise in Cuba. The hosts in Cuba have been doing for decades what we just started doing seven years ago," said Kay Kuehne, regional director for Airbnb. Associated Press

On the web

App can help you save on road trips

Just in time for spring and summer road trips, here's an app that can save you time and money. Gas Guru is a free app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later (Android on Google Play). It locates gas stations by price near your current location. It can also search by city. You can use the app in map mode and get directions or view by list and sort by price or distance. It's easier to use than its competitor, GasBuddy. Features it could stand to add: a "favorites" list, where users could save gas stations, and a road trip calculator. If you find stations you like or want to plan ahead for a trip, it would be nice to note preferences without needing to use another app or pencil and paper.Los Angeles Times

Deal of the week

Maui resort celebrates birthday with perks

The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa on Ka'anapali Beach is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a free night's stay and more than $1,000 in special perks. The "Paradise, Refreshed" package includes a free fifth night, daily buffet breakfast, two VIP tickets to the Drums of the Pacific luau, one-day poolside or oceanside cabana rental, 10 percent off spa treatments, two glasses of sparkling wine or mai tais, and a $35 daily food and beverage credit. A five-night stay starts at $2,175 double, including taxes. Five-night minimum required; valid through Dec. 19. For information: 1-808-661-1234 or go to

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