Organizers put up posters last week featuring eight themes they want to tackle in Rochester’s downtown redevelopment efforts in concert with the Mayo Clinic’s planned expansion.

Planners with the Destination Medical Center initiative, kicking off the formal public input phase, will soon organize eight corresponding groups to figure out the best way to engage the public at community forums early next year.

Themes outlined include: transportation; health and wellness; arts and culture and civic and entertainment; learning environment; hospitality and convention; commercial research and technology; livable city and dining and retail; sports, recreation and nature.

Those interested in helping organize the public forums can e-mail For further information see the initiative’s website,

Mayo is putting more than $3 billion of its own money into the project, and the Destination Medical Center economic development agency will find another $2.1 billion in private investment. State and local governments are adding half a billion in taxpayer funding.

Pam Louwagie