Behold: a proposal for the world's largest building. Two hundred and 30 stories.

Where might it be? BASRA. I'm skeptical.


THE LIFE OF BRINE A sign of hope:

If I see one more list of 7 Hot New Apps for Thanksgiving or one more piece about The New Way To Cook A Turkey That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind, I’m going to beat myself senseless with a drumstick.

I'm with you, Mr. Writer. You show a brave willingness to break clickbait paradigms. Unfortunately, here's the teaser for the piece:

Believe it or not, there's a right way, and a wrong way to scarfing down turkey and all the fixings. Here, the best way to eat Thanksgiving, according to science.

It's not quite YOU'RE DOING THANKSGIVING WRONG, but it's close. There is no wrong way to eat Thanksgiving. But if you'd like to hear some people complain and kvetch, here you go.

KIDS TODAY Popular Mechanics looks at the modern teen, who's never known life without a cellphone. They're quite conversant with the internet, it seems. They have blogs! And sometimes their One Direction blog can force a distant radio station to alter their playlist.

David Weinberger, senior researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, explains, "You're not simply a consumer anymore. By connecting with other people, you become a participant in the life of the band."

Not really. You have the illusion of participation. When one of the members of 1D left, they fans were not consulted. As long as people know the sense of participation is a mild delusion, they're fine. If you take it seriously, we're in "Misery" territory. Also via Popular Mechanics, this LA Mag piece on some architectural history::

When executives at Taco Bell found out that the Downey building that housed their first restaurant was at risk of being demolished, they ordered the store “to go.” The birthplace of the Mexican fast food chain, located on Firestone Boulevard, is up on rails and ready to roll. Founder Glen Bell built the mission style building in 1962 and on Thursday night at 10:30, store “Numero Uno” will begin the 45-mile ride to company headquarters in Irvine.

People seems surprised when they learn that Taco Bell was named after David Bell. Oh sure - next thing you'll tell me that the Rock-ola jukebox was named after David Rockola.