Pageant of Progress! The Fair put out this mod guide in '68, a souvenir you could take home, put away, forget, and sell to an antique store four decades later. The cover:



The Grandstand acts for 1968: perhaps the Fifth Dimension had to cancel when they all came down with pnuemonia.



Before they turned the quadrant into Heritage Square, it was  Young America, filled by . . .




The bands appearing in '68:


Wow, those guys? While the kids enjoyed themselves looking at Nehru jackets, the folks could meet a bank president:



Federal indictments were still decades away. 

The all-you-can-drink milk booth in '68:



And some art: this was the style of 1968, not the "psychedelic" graphics most commonly associated with the era. 



The kid seems to have something of an edge. I'm going to eat the heck out of this cone and you can't stop me so there.

Also from the archives: I found some old slides of the Strib booth. The originals are rather  . . . crimson.



Well, we can repair that, can't we? Yes we can:



You'll note the Dayton sign:



Yes, there was a Dayton's at the Fair, under the ramp. Another shot from a tiny, tiny picture I found in the paper's archives. Unlike the movies, saying "enhance" at the computer doesn't work. Best I can do:



The booth had a nice service: you could leave a message with anyone to get later.



Finally, a bygone shot of a bandstand.



All that empty space! It would have 42 food booths today.