Companion bills that would eliminate gaps between state and federal tax law advanced Tuesday through their respective committees.

The bills, House File 6 and Senate File 50, would better align the state’s tax code to mirror federal law after changes made by Congress and include provisions that could mean tax relief for thousands of Minnesotans, including teachers who spend on classroom supplies and those enrolled in higher education programs. 

Lawmakers in both parties are racing to get the legislation to Gov. Mark Dayton’s desk for his approval by Jan. 20, when the federal and state tax filing period begins. If the legislation takes longer to be approved, Minnesotans who filed before would have to file amended returns to get the benefit.

The House bill advanced through the Taxes Committee unanimously and has now been referred to the Ways and Means Committee. The Senate bill also passed unanimously and advances now to the Senate floor. 

Dayton said Monday he plans to sign the legislation should it reach his desk, a spokesman said.