THE Traveler: Kyle Turner of Minnetonka.

The scene: Sunset casts a magical glow at Roque Nublo, a rock formation on Gran Canaria, one of Spain's Canary Islands.

Destination Details: "The Canary Islands have a little bit of everything: mountains, dunes, volcanoes, camels, calderas. It's been my most exotic vacation," Turner wrote in an e-mail. He'd traveled to the archipelago from Madrid, where he had been living. A few tidbits he shared: The islands produce world-class wines. An underwater volcano between Tenerife and Gran Canaria is slowly creating an eighth island. Christopher Columbus made a pit stop at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, before continuing his journey westward in 1492.

Getting the shot: "We had to hike and climb for the better part of an hour to get to this spot. At that point, dusk was settling and the cloud formations created beautiful sunbeams," wrote Turner, who captured this image with a Canon G16. "All the elements of lighting, positioning and composition came together to produce a great image. But furthermore, it was taken on my 30th birthday. … Standing at the edge of this cliff and looking out at the first sunset of my thirties was something very special and spiritual."

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