A new brew that was literally four months in the making -- no kidding, this one took a while to ferment and settle -- the fourth installment of Summit's popular Unchained series will be the Belgian Style Golden Ale. It's the St. Paul brewery's strongest beer ever (8.6% ABV, with only a 30 IBU rating), and it promises to be a bold one in other ways, too. Brewer Eric Harper reportedly threw in Belgian Candi Sugar, plus Czech Saaz and Styrian Goldings hops. Summit's press release describes it as "a strong, fruity ale with a dry effervescent finish," and promised "wonderful spicy and floral notes." Sounds a bit like an idyllic Belgian woman: golden and lovely but strong enough to kick your ass.

The new brew will be rolled out Monday with parties that night at both the Longfellow Grill (6-7:30 p.m.) and Groveland Tap (8-9:30).

In other beer-nut news, the MN Craft Brewers Guild announced the date for the Autumn Brew Review (Oct. 2) and the on-sale date for the always sold-out tickets (Aug. 1). Other details are apparently still TBA, including location. Look for updates at www.mncraftbrew.org.