The latest: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will meet a British delegation to discuss a possible pardon for Gillian Gibbons, a 54-year-old British teacher imprisoned in Sudan for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Mohammed, a presidential spokesman said Sunday. Al-Bashir is the only one who can pardon Gibbons.

The case: Gibbons was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in prison and deportation for insulting Islam by naming the bear after Islam's revered prophet -- a violation under Sudan's Islamic Sharia law.

The concern: On Friday, thousands of Sudanese demanded Gibbons' execution at a rally in Khartoum. She has since been moved to a secret location.

The negotiation: They have been led by two Muslim members of British parliament, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Lord Nazir Ahmed, who expressed hope that their cultural background would help bridge the gap between Britain and Sudan.