If ever there was a group of people we’d think wouldn’t have a care in the world, it would be NBA players. Their wealth, talent and fame are beyond what any of us could imagine for ourselves.

But we were reminded recently that, in some not-so-great ways, these towering athletes are just like us.

It was disheartening to learn from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver that he’s observed that many of this generation of young men suffer from deep depression and anxiety. One of the culprits: social media.

While acknowledging that social media has helped the league gain exposure and promote players, he said it also contributes to unhealthy comparisons and the general feeling of inadequacy among the league’s players. In other words, they experience a real-time analysis of their performance.

What’s more, he lamented that human interaction and camaraderie have been replaced by headphones, isolation and pervasive feelings of loneliness.

Sound familiar?

There’s mounting research that links the use of social media to depression, anxiety and lower self-esteem. Whether you’re a superstar athlete, a regular Joe in the neighborhood or a high-school student, your mental health can be negatively affected by a constant feeling of “How’s my life stacking up?” compared to the barrage of happy presented each day.