I'm not going to build the suspense up, I'm just going to flat out say it...WE WON!

A good friend and I, Nick Gross fished the West Central Bassmasters open tournament on Green Lake and we had a great day on the water.

This was a much needed confidence boost and fun day that I needed after the last two tough Big Bass Bonanza finishes.

Despite having a slow start to the day, we were able to catch quite a few quality smallmouth over the course of the day and our final six fish limit weighed 19.59 lb's. We also took big fish honors with a 3.76 lb. fish.  For full results or to see information about the West Central Bassmasters fall open tournament. Of the 37 teams, there were only four other teams that cracked the 3 lb. average. We spent the day targeting key areas that were holding the right fish.  Here is a photo of some of our winning fish.

Our Minn Kota trolling motor performed flawless in the waves and kept us in the fish holding areas, allowing me to work my jig very methodical. My Wright & McGill Honeycomb Micro Guide rod helped me make long casts and coupled with 15 lb. Seaguar TATSU I could feel the bites in the wind. The key today was having confidence in our areas and not running when things started off slow.

With the windy conditions, wearing my Onyx inflatable life jacket allowed me to always be safe, while still being comfortable and able to fish effectively.  It also saves time when going from spot to spot, by not having to put on and then take off a life jacket.

I'm not sure where I'll be fishing over the long Fourth of July weekend, but I'll be sure to report in. Everyone have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

For a look at my upcoming schedule check out, fishglenn.com.