As someone who prefers to communicate with words instead of symbols — hieroglyphs are cool, but I thought we had evolved beyond that — emojis aren't really a big part of my world.

Still, I am compelled to let you know that there are now official emojis for all 32 NFL teams, corresponding to hashtags that relate to each one.

For the Vikings, it's pretty simple: #skol on Twitter brings up an image of horns. Interestingly, the Vikings were among just a handful of teams that don't have their logo as their emoji.

Among the other hashtags used by the other 31 teams:

#GoPackGo (for Green Bay), #FeedDaBears (for Chicago) and #OnePride (for Detroit) within the division.

Some teams kept it simple like #DallasCowboys and #Broncos (with corresponding logos).

The Steelers? They're using #HereWeGo.

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