Minnesotans can access free COVID-19 testing at six National Guard Armory locations across the state this weekend. The testing will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today through Monday.

Guard members will be able to collect roughly 2,000 samples per day across the sites for a total capacity of roughly 6,000 tests over the three days. The sites are hosted by the Minnesota National Guard, the Minnesota Department of Health and the State Emergency Operations Center. Anyone experiencing symptoms should self-quarantine before and after their test until they receive results.

Testing locations

  • East St. Paul, 1530 E. Maryland Av.

  • Minneapolis Armory, 1025 NE. Broadway

  • Moorhead Armory, 1002 N. 15th Av.

  • Duluth Armory, 4015 Airpark Blvd.

  • Faribault Armory, 3000 W. Airport Road

  • St. James Armory, 521 N. Armstrong Blvd.

Who can be tested?

Any Minnesotan, especially those who are ill or who have been directly exposed to a known COVID-19 positive contact, can be tested. No appointment is necessary; insurance cards or ID are not required. National Guard members will swab the inside of your nose and ask you to complete paperwork with your name and contact information so you can be contacted with results.

 Results will be provided by phone within an average of 48 hours. Minnesotans can find other testing facilities as well as a symptom screening tool here.