Should the Vikings go after Eric Decker?

The easy answer is "No.''

The Vikings have Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen as starters, want Laquon Treadwell to become their No. 3 starter and have Michael Floyd as depth and a deep threat.

Here's what we should remember: With this same cast of receivers in place, Vikings GM Rick Spielman went after Alshon Jeffery in free agency.

Decker is an excellent receiver who produces touchdowns. He would give the Vikings more depth and quality at receiver, and he would lessen the necessity to force-feed Treadwell into the lineup.

Remember, the Vikings went 8-8 last year with no offensive line, no running game and two excruciatingly close losses to Detroit.

They're certainly not far from being a playoff team, and they may not be far from having a chance to win the NFC. Decker, the former University of Minnesota star, would improve their chances.