Friday night my uncle, J.Logan was shot and killed. Three individuals were arrested. That's all the information I'll give about the case because it just happened and I don't really know how much I'm allowed to say to a large audience. I will say that this has been a very difficult time especially for me and my immediate family with issues piling up creating a stress that has the potential to break backs of more meager spirited individuals. My mother exemplifies immense strength and clairvoyance as she moves day to day continuing in her routine of being one of the many stones that maintains the structure of my family. Another uncle of mine and an aunt take it the hardest they spent a lot of leisure time with him hanging out etc. I have a vague memory of my uncle, a few pictures, a few different occasions where we met. It hurts very much to have had to see the blood of my uncle seeped deep into the February snow and know the place where he took his last breath. And it hurts to witness the reaction of friends and family to another life lost. Without a doubt my family and my community will stand together and make it through this time of turbulence, trials, and tribulations. My heart goes out to Rondo and I ask for everyone's prayers as the people in this community go forward in life and love.

Be Safe,

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

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