The guy with the dark sideburns and curly hair, light-colored Zorro hat, beige suit and bolo tie may change outfits every night. But his set list has been pretty static. What Bob Dylan performed Tuesday night at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis is pretty consistent with other shows on the current theater leg of his Never Ending Tour.

Earlier on the tour, he threw in “All Along the Watchtower” but it’s been replaced the last few gigs by “Stay with Me,” a 1965 Frank Sinatra tune that’s expected to be on Dylan’s next album, “Shadows in the Night,” which is rumored to be covers of songs made famous by Sinatra. “Stay with Me” was a vocal highlight Tuesday as mentioned in my review. (He actually did three, not two, songs from the 1960s. My review was wrong.)

Maybe Dylan will mix things up when he returns to the Orpheum Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe he’ll introduce the fine band or say something. He did mumble something at the end of Tuesday’s first set; I think it was something about being right back after intermission.

Associated Press photo

Associated Press photo

Here is the set list from Tuesday:

Set 1

Things Have Changed (2000)/ She Belongs To Me (1965)/ Beyond Here Lies Nothin (2009)/ Workingman Blues #2 (2006) / Waiting For You (1965)/ Duquesne Whistle (2012)/ Pay in Blood (2012)/ Tangled Up in Blue (1975)/ Love Sick (1997)

Set 2

High Water (For Charley Patton) (2001)/ Simple Twist of Fate (1975)/ Early Roman Kings (2012)/ Forgetful Heart (2009)/ Spirit on the Water (2006)/ Scarlet Town (2012)/ Soon After Midnight (2012)/ Long and Wasted Years (2012)  ENCORE Blowin in the Wind (1963)/ Stay with Me (Sinatra cover)