Q: What is the current status of the show “Manifest”?

A: NBC has ordered another season of the series but I cannot say exactly when it will be back.

Looking for a final answer

Q: Would you happen to know if the latest version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” with Jimmy Kimmel as host is still being taped?

A: The finale of the most recent season of “Millionaire” aired on June 4. ABC has ordered another season for 2020-21.

Lost Ron Howard gem

Q: There was a TV movie in the late 1970s to early ’80s about a high school band called “Cotton Candy.” It was a great period piece and I would love to have it on video. Has it ever been issued on DVD or VHS?

A: That is not just any TV movie. The 1978 film was directed by Ron Howard, written by Ron and his brother Clint (with their father, Rance, as an associate producer). Rance and Clint are in the movie, along with Charles Martin Smith and Manuel Padilla Jr., both of whom had been in “American Graffiti” along with Ron. But I do not know of an authorized release on DVD or VHS (and I do not recommend bootlegs). Nor did it pop up on the major streaming services. There is a copy of it on YouTube, but even the person who put it there admits the image quality is terrible.

Phantom children

Q: I have a question about “The Conners.” It seems to me long ago on “Roseanne” that Jackie had a son. And I think I remember Roseanne having another baby boy. Neither of them has been mentioned in the new show. Do you know why?

A: Creative changes. When “Roseanne” came back, her son Jerry Garcia Conner was said to be working on a fishing boat in Alaska. As for Jackie’s son Andy, he no longer exists. “Conners” showrunner Bruce Helford told TVLine that “We made a conscious decision that certain years were going to be part of the dream that was revealed at the end of the run of the original Roseanne, and [Andy] was part of the dream. Andy fell into the same category for us as [the Conners] winning the lottery; [it’s] something we chose not to acknowledge.”


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