Q: On PBS' "Washington Week," host Robert Costa has not been on the show for several weeks, with guest-hosts substituting. Has Costa left "Washington Week in Review" or is this a temporary situation?

A: Costa, whose official title was moderator and managing editor of "Washington Week," did his last broadcast on Jan. 1. He will focus instead on writing a book with Washington Post legend Bob Woodward; Costa is also a reporter for that newspaper.

Costa had been with the program for three years. In a statement, he said, "While stepping away to co-author a book isn't easy, I do it with a deep sense of appreciation for [producing station] WETA and 'Washington Week.' This experience, from working with the wonderful crew on Friday night to engaging with the devoted audience, has lifted me as a reporter and been a joy."

Newsmax rise

Q: Could you please tell me when Newsmax signed on? I enjoy it.

A: Newsmax began as a multimedia company in 1998. Its Newsmax TV launched in 2014. Unabashedly conservative, it gained considerable attention and more viewers in 2020 after its presentation was more supportive of then-President Donald Trump than even Fox News.

More 'Mary'

Following up on a recent question, a reader pointed out that the classic "Mary Tyler Moore Show" is also available on the Decades channel. You can find out more, including where to watch the channel, at decades.com.

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