A 22-year-old Richfield man was charged Monday with assaulting a police officer during the melee in Dinkytown that followed the University of Minnesota’s defeat in hockey’s Frozen Four championship game last weekend.

Michael Juberian was arrested Saturday for repeatedly throwing bottles and a chunk of concrete at officers. In addition to the gross misdemeanor assault charge, he faces a count of felony rioting with a dangerous weapon.

A total of 19 people were arrested when crowds gathered in Dinkytown after the game Saturday night. Some people were given citations at the scene. Authorities had mounted a strong presence in the area after a celebration of the hockey team’s semifinal victory Thursday night turned rowdy.

According to a court documents, Juberian threw bottles at officers and ran to find more. He also found a rock and a concrete chunk the size of a baseball to throw at officers, the document said. The chunk landed on an officer’s foot.

He was eventually subdued with “a stun blow,” the document said. He remained in jail Monday evening.

Juberian has been convicted of underage drinking and driving with a suspended license.

An investigator has been assigned to the Dinkytown incident and is reviewing dozens of video clips and photographs as a part of the investigation. The Minneapolis Police Department encourages people who have been the victim of property damage to report it. Those reports can be made by calling 311.

Anyone with information on Saturday evening is also encouraged to call the MPD Tip Line at 612-692-8477.