The Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro came boxed with a manual in Chinese. Luckily, the camera menus and website were in English and it is one of the better dashcam designs available.

The body of the camera is wedge-shaped with the rotating lens hanging off the left side.

The mount is also nice. There is a small rectangular plastic piece that you stick to your windshield, then the camera slips over the mount for easy placement or removal. It also is completely hidden behind the mirror from the driver’s seat.

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro does its main job very well — it captures video when you are driving. Each minute of driving is captured as a separate video file.

It also has sensors that will wake up and record a short clip if it senses your car has been bumped while it’s parked, and then send a voice message.

There is an optional GPS module that replaces the camera’s mount for $69.99. The camera creates its own Wi-Fi network to make a wireless connection to your Android or iOS smartphone so you can see and download the videos and photos.

Bottom line: The 70mai Dash Cam Pro does everything you would want a dashcam to do, and it’s easy to use.

Dallas Morning News

Somnox Sleep Robot  $550

Robot a high-tech teddy bear to help with Zs

Try milk. Try meditation. Now try the latest in technology to help you sleep.

For the gadget industry, sleep is the new exercise — solvable with data. What Fitbits and Apple Watches did for getting moving, consumer tech now wants to do for getting Zs.

More than a dozen sleep gadgets were on display in January at CES, the world’s largest technology show.

One of them was a robot called Somnox (also the name of the company in the Netherlands that is developing it).

Somnox chills you out by simulating the breathing of a bed companion.

Sensors detect your breath, and try to regulate it subconsciously when you hug the cloth-covered robot and feel the rising and falling of its “breathing” and hear its soothing sounds.

It’s a high-tech teddy and can be preordered at

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