iClever tri-folding wireless keyboard $59.99

Folding keyboard useful for on-the-go professionals

IClever makes a wide range of products for electronics, including the Portable Tri-folding Wireless Keyboard with TouchPad.

The bottom line: It’s well built, the keys are comfortable to type on and it pairs to three devices at a time (very handy since many professionals toggle between a laptop, iPad and phone). The cool design means it folds into a package small and slim enough to fit in my back pocket but unfolds into a decent-size keyboard with a tiny trackpad.

The keyboard has a built-in battery that recharges with an included micro-USB cable. Battery life is up to 60 hours on a charge, and recharging takes two hours.

The keyboard is smaller than a normal laptop keyboard, and some keys are missing. Some of the ones you will have to get used to the most are the apostrophe and question mark. It allows for the keyboard to be compact but also adds a learning curve.

So the keyboard is somewhat clunky but also is better than trying to type on the iPad’s on-screen keyboard.



Security service helps shield usage details

There’s a lot of talk about the need to add another layer to digital security. Some experts advocate Virtual Private Networks, which have had issues themselves and can cost a pretty penny.

The other option is to use Tor, which works kind of like a multistage VPN. Tor routes your online data through multiple servers and encrypts it along the way. So, like a regular VPN, it obscures your online activities from your broadband provider; all that provider can detect is that you are using Tor.

But Tor also helps shield your activities from the servers through which your data passes. And the last server in the chain, the one that connects you to your destination, doesn’t know your internet address, so it can’t tell who is trying to reach that site.

Tor is considered something of a gold standard in shielding online activity.

But it too has its shortcomings. Because online traffic sent through Tor goes through multiple servers, it can be painfully slow to use, not so good when streaming video or playing online games. Some sites even block Tor users.