A 10-mile portage race will debut in Minneapolis next month that challenges competitors to hopscotch a course of lakes and creeks twisting from Lake Bde Maka Ska to Theodore Wirth Park.

The Red Bull Urban Portage will start at 9 a.m. on Oct. 13 and feature individual divisions for men and women, and pairs for men, women and coed.

Competitors ages 16 and older can paddle “in whatever human-powered vessel” they choose — canoe, kayak, paddleboard, whatever — and run on land between bodies of water, according to the announcement from Red Bull, the energy drink giant that is sponsoring the event.

Also thrown into the mix is a test of navigational savvy along the route connecting Lake Bde Maka Ska, Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake, Brownie Lake, Wirth Lake, Bassett Creek, Sweeney Lake and Twin Lake.

“The challenge each participant will face is to either risk following the boat in front of you or reference your map and outmaneuver the competition,” the announcement noted.

The Loppet Foundation, a Twin Cities nonprofit, is helping with the race.

“Rugged, challenging, outdoors and difficult, with a healthy dose of adventure,” is how Loppet Foundation Executive Director John Munger described the event.

Early registration runs until Oct. 4, with entry fees of $40 for solo and $70 for tandem. Competitors can register at redbull.com/urbanportage. Spectators are encouraged, and there is no charge.

The Urban Portage is the latest challenge dreamed up by Red Bull. Among the others: a sprint covering a quarter-mile up a ski jump tower in Ironwood, Mich.; and Crashed Ice, a downhill ice-skating circuit of races that includes an annual stop in St. Paul.