Reader Jon Yearous can sniff out free food better than I can. In mySteals+Deals article today I said that I was refused a freebie when I asked for a sample of alligator, wine and an apple slice. But the fair has no policy against free food. Yearous found a handful of spots offering them.

"Motts has a set up near the agriculture/horticulture building (near the sky ride, across from the Twins) where they are giving our little single serve tubs of applesauce and samples of their vegetable fortified drinks (think V8 Twisters) and coupons.
Leinenkugels is giving out beer samples everyday from 4-6 near the Leinie Lodge.
Way at the end of machinery hill, near where the Twins used to be, Ocean Spray is giving out great samples of their Craisins, Blueberry Infused Craisins, and their vegetable-fortified drinks.
In the Coliseum, Simply Nuts was handing out samples some of their nut selections that were great."

Thanks Jon.

Online, other readers commented that there were samples of ice-cream given out at the NE corner of the food building and ice-cream sandwiches in the cow barn.

Bon appetit.