Reaction to charges


“These charges may bring us one step toward justice, but we must continue to ask ‘for who?’ While we applaud the efforts of Attorney Freeman, we urge him to be this courageous regardless of the skin color of the officer and victim. The community deserves a system that protects and serves all of our citizens, not just those with less melanin.”

Raj Sethuraju, Minneapolis NAACP criminal justice reform co-chair


“It is my expectation that everyone at City Hall, including our police officers, learn from this tragedy. I was disappointed to learn through County Attorney Freeman’s comments that some of our officers did not fully cooperate with that investigation. I look forward to discussing this with Chief Arradondo.” Linea Palmisano, City Council member


“Our city stands firmly with Justine’s family, and hope they find peace in a time of grief. Our city stands firmly with victims of police shootings. Together we must chart a path forward to prevent these tragedies from happening again.”

Jacob Frey, Minneapolis mayor


“Sanctity of life, to include the protection of life, is the cornerstone of our fundamental duties as peace officers.”

Medaria Arradondo, Minneapolis police chief


“Our expectation is that officers are held accountable when taking someone’s life and this should be true no matter the race of the victim or officer.”

Teresa Nelson, Minnesota ACLU legal director


“Plain and simple, this decision happened the way that it did because Justine was a white, affluent woman from a community that holds the greatest level of political power in the city.”

Nekima Levy-Pounds, former president of the Minneapolis NAACP