We wrote for Page 2 today about seven prominent former Vikings who wound up playing with Seattle as their next team: Percy Harvin, Antoine Winfield, Sidney Rice, Nate Burleson, John Randle, Warren Moon and Carl Eller. We had a feeling it might not be an exhaustive list, and that proved accurate.

Mr. Phunn and Dave Mona checked in to remind us that Bob Lurtsema also went from the Vikings to the Seahawks -- where he wasn't even a benchwarmer, starting 22 games.

And then e-mailer Ken wrote this: Am I right in thinking that Tavarez Jackson also ended-up in Seattle? Indeed, with bonus points for a complete butchering of Tarvaris Jackson's first name. The only thing more ghastly than T-Jack's jump passes during his time here was the complete inability of fans to figure out how his name was spelled.

But we digress. Anyone else we missed?

Oh, and it hasn't been give-give-give. Seattle gave us Steve Hutchinson and this lovable lunk. Also, please do enjoy this collage we put together of T-Jack and Lurts.