Here are two ways the Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan trade involving the Spurs and Raptors could impact the Wolves:

• When putting together potential Andrew Wiggins trade scenarios — more of a thought exercise since the Wolves have given no indication they are thinking about dealing him — two of the more intriguing options were swaps with the Spurs for the disgruntled Leonard and the Raptors for DeRozan. With this trade on the books, the opportunity for a Wiggins deal this summer seems less likely.

• The Spurs were 47-35 last season, with Leonard playing just nine games because of a calf injury and lingering fallout. A full year of DeRozan instead of nine games of Leonard makes the Spurs better.

That means if you were counting on the Spurs falling apart in the West and helping the Wolves' path to the playoffs, those notions are on hold. The Spurs are plenty good to win 45-50 games again.

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