Remember the good old days when the Vikings were 5-0 heading into their bye week, and it seemed like their biggest problem was that Fox kept using an image of Sam Bradford's head pasted onto Teddy Bridgewater's body?

The Vikings had some fun with it. Fox apologized and said they would get their act together. All was good.

Yeah, well it's not so funny anymore. The Vikings haven't won a single game since this became a story. And Fox apparently hasn't gotten its act together. On Sunday's broadcast, some shrewd viewers including @Str8_Cash_Homey on Twitter noticed that a new image of Bradford didn't quite look right. Was his head pasted on Teddy's body again? Nope. Was it fellow QB Shaun Hill? Nah.

It sure looks like Bradford's head on Matt Cassel's body.

What?! Pictures don't lie, and the Vikings are annoyed again — tweeting "stop the madness."

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