Don't punish all riders

Readers of StarTribune.com react to today's editorial on ATVs:

Stiffer fines means extra revenue, which could go to pay for more DNR officers, as would the sales of confiscated machines. While many ATV riders are law-abiding, many are not, and the damage they cause is not inconsequential. Like it or not, one ATV riding illegally in restricted or sensitive areas causes more irritation (noise) and damage (erosion, scaring) than a hiker, or even a mountain biker. That's the reality of a 1,000-pound, motor-driven machine. The fines should be commensurate with the damage done.

• • •

When used properly, ATVs can save lives and provide access to hard-to-get areas. When used improperly, they are just toys for the selfish. They cost taxpayers a lot of money ... Legal trails are acceptable, but barely, in the natural wilderness. Illegal activities are wasteful and destructive and should be subject to a much higher fine or even jail time. Maybe we can trade a Minnesotan who doesn't care about this country for a Mexican who is willing to give up everything to come to a clean America.

• • •

We ATVers have rights, too. We pay registration, trail permit fees that are about the same as my car. What if you paid for car license and they built no roads? We are going to ride, like it or not. Mud running is fun stuff. We are the public and will use public land any way we want. So grab a beer, get a wheeler and join us for a weekend warriors blast!


The best of a bad situation

Reactions to Wednesday's editorial on Target Corporation's purchase of naming rights to the new Twins ballpark:

Sounds like a win-win-win situation! Also, I like the idea of keeping alive the HHH legacy.

• • •

The last of the breed. Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium, HHH Metrodome. Oh, well, Target Field sounds better than TCF Bank Stadium.

• • •

What is Target paying for the naming rights? The citizens of Hennepin County are paying over $500 million -- closer to a billion with interest added in. Name it Hennepin Stadium or Taxpayer Stadium. Oh, that's right, the Twins are into taking, not doing the right thing. Interesting comment about keeping some sections "affordable." The Strib is starting to admit what those of use who were paying attention already know -- the ticket prices will skyrocket and middle class families won't be able to afford to attend.