Sirek scored Rosemount’s game-winning goal in its state quarterfinal game en route to the Irish finishing second in the state tournament. She’s now starting her senior season as a captain on the girls’ hockey team.


Q: Now that you have had time to let it sink in, how much do you cherish the memory of your game-winning overtime goal in the state tournament quarterfinal?

A: It was pretty awesome to score the goal that got our team to “the Bank.” Before OT we talked about working hard and that our goal would come quickly. I will remember it for a long time.


Q: Was losing in the state championship by one goal heartbreaking? Or was the experience worth the disappointment? Possibly both?

A: I would say a little of both. Losing hurt at first, and I was really upset knowing we were so close to winning it all. Then I thought about the experience of making it to state for the first time in 19 years at Rosemount. That we made history by going to the championship game, and playing in U.S. Bank Stadium was awesome.


Q: Switching gears to hockey, your team did not win for over two years. How difficult was that?

A: It was pretty tough to stay positive and, as a captain, to keep the team positive. We only had 13 players and no seniors on the team so it was pretty hard last year. You have to keep working hard and having fun.


Q: How sweet was winning your first game to start the season?

A: It was awesome to win the first game to start off our season. We have been prepared and worked very hard the last couple of seasons and all of our hard work finally paid off. We were very happy for our team to get the win.