Holy Batcar! Polaris Industries Inc. recalled 1,896 of its new three-wheeler Slingshot motorcycles because of defects discovered in the steering rack and protective roll bars, company officials announced Thursday. No accidents were reported.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told affected Slingshot owners not to drive the vehicle until repairs are complete.

Polaris staffers and dealers called every customer who bought the supercharged vehicle that looks like it zoomed straight out of superhero central casting.

The 2015 Slingshot, which features a single and ultra-thick back wheel, was launched with great fanfare at the company's product show in Minneapolis in July. Demonstrations on the street brought traffic to a halt and prompted fascinated Minneapolis police to pull over one driver to ask questions.

Now the company is answering questions of a different kind.

Polaris spokeswoman Marlys Knutson said Thursday that Polaris began calling customers and notified NHTSA on Jan. 16, when it discovered a bushing problem below the steering mechanism and also learned that roll bars behind the two seats had been compromised during a paint heat-treating process.

The problems were discovered on three vehicles, but no accidents or injuries occurred. NHTSA put out an official consumer alert Thursday.

Knutson said all replacements parts are now in dealerships and consumers can get their Slingshots repaired beginning Friday. The company is offering customers up to $250 in towing services, plus all repairs.

Investors of the Medina-based manufacturer didn't seem fazed by the product recall. Polaris' stock price closed Thursday at $148.01 a share. That's up 1 percent, or $1.38, for the day and up $10.48 since Tuesday morning when Polaris reported strong fourth quarter results.

The maker of ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and accessories saw quarterly sales and revenue rise 18 and 25 percent respectively. Annual revenue increased 19 percent to a record $4.5 billion after a series of acquisitions, factory expansions, and new product introductions.