Detroit Pistons guard Allen Iverson had no comment about a firsthand account that his posse was making lots of noise at Shakopee's Canterbury Card Club.

Zach Sussman, president of Minneapolis' Zeus, tells me he was at the club about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when he noticed Iverson, power forward teammate "Rasheed Wallace and about six other members of the entourage" at "a three-card poker table in the casino games room. Sheed didn't wager, explaining to onlookers, I don't gamble, but he certainly had fun sipping [beverages] and jabbing at his friends and other players who weren't doing so hot. AI, on the other hand, had what we call 'rubber-band banks' in his pockets -- must have been around $50,000 (at least in one pocket) and he was getting beat up pretty hard at three-card poker."

Translation: The night before the Pistons beat the Timberwolves, AI may have lost money at the casino.

"After an hour or so, things started getting loud with Iverson and a buddy sharing a bizarre call and answer session," said Sussman, with whom I communicated via e-mail and telephone. Iverson was calling out, Where you from?, and his buddy was responding, South Side Chicaaaaagoooooo. This was LOUD. After about 10 minutes of this and everyone in the room yelling at them to shut up, the star-struck pit bosses finally went over and asked them to keep it down. The noise subsided and the group left without further incident," said Sussman.

I asked Mike Hochman, the club's table games director, to confirm the alleged celebrity sighting since he said he was not there at the time. Hochman doesn't work nights, but he said he'd pass my number to night-shift staffers and either they would return my call or he would. Neither happened.

My questions about these Canterbury tales were conveyed to the Pistons media person via Timberwolves spokesman Mike Cristaldi: "Basically he [the Pistons PR guy] told Iverson, and Iverson, through a team spokesman, had no comment."

When Iverson is rolling with a wad of cash, at least a couple of the guys with him should be professional bodyguards.

SAG Awards fashion

FM107's Lori Barghini got an eye-full of Lisa Rinna at the SAG Awards.

Rinna was wearing a beautiful Cadmium-orange gown, as you can see at, that was slit up to THERE. "I complimented her dress. I said, 'That is such a beautiful dress,' and she said, And it's sexy, too, and then she kind of showed how thigh-high the slit was. Then I saw where the thigh and the mons pubis meet. I love my Latin words for body parts," said Barghini, who was working SAG's red carpet. "I don't think she realized she flashed as much as she flashed."

Isn't Rinna too old to be channeling Britney? Now Harry's not the only one who knows Lisa waxes Brazilian.

Khloe, Shaddy are over

Who would have ever predicted that reality TV star Khloe Kardashian's long-distance romance with the Timberwolves' Rashad McCants wouldn't have legs?

It's over. But she and Shaddy will always be friends, according to her website.

Daddy's bias shows's Josh Levin ripped national media figures for buying the line that Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder sports editor Larry Fitzgerald Sr. can objectively cover his son's appearance in the Super Bowl.

"Fitzgerald Sr. might not cheer in the press box, but he fashions the written-word equivalent of minutes-long standing ovations," wrote Levin, who also ripped the fact that most of Big Fitz's articles don't mention he's the father of the fabulous Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr.

Although Cinderella cartoons don't show her holding red birds, I think the Cardinals will win. But I want Mike Tomlin, Mewelde Moore et al. to apply some steel to Jr.'s shapely derriere, because I just can't pull for anybody engaged in such a drama with his baby's momma. See Jan. 26 column.

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