A jogger was struck by a vehicle and killed Wednesday evening in St. Paul by a driver who appeared to have been impaired, according to St. Paul police.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Dayton Avenue and Mississippi River Boulevard, St. Paul police reported.

An allegedly impaired 60-year-old man driving an SUV on the boulevard struck and killed a male pedestrian who was in the crosswalk at Dayton Avenue, police spokesman Steve Linders said.

The pedestrian, who appeared to have been jogging when he was hit, died at the scene, Linders said. The man’s name has not been released.

The driver, who was arrested, also may have been distracted, Linders added, although he did not offer further details.

It is the first fatal pedestrian-car crash in St. Paul this year. Last year, four pedestrians were struck and killed by vehicles.

“We’ve been working hard to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, impaired driving and also just paying attention to pedestrians … very sad situation,” Linders said.