Beloved Southern writer Pat Conroy announced today that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Conroy, the author of "The Prince of Tides," "The Great Santini," and many other best-selling novels, made the announcement on Facebook.

He will be under treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, and he included the address of his publisher for anyone who might want to write to him.

Here's a Star Tribune interview with him from 2013.

And here is Conroy's full Facebook message. Pancreatic cancer is a tough one and we wish him all the very best:

Hey out there,

I celebrated my 70th birthday in October and realized that I’ve spent my whole writing life trying to find out who I am and I don’t believe I’ve even come close. It was in Beaufort in sight of a river’s sinuous turn, and the movements of its dolphin-proud tides that I began to discover myself and where my life began at fifteen.

I have recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With the help of the wonderful people at M.D. Anderson I intend to fight it hard. I am grateful to all my beloved readers, my friends and my family for their prayers. I owe you a novel and I intend to deliver it.

Much love,
Pat Conroy

My publisher will forward mail 
Pat Conroy
c/o Doubleday, 1745 Broadway, 13th floor, New York, NY 10019

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