It’s kind of like the Onion. Not only is it built around whip-smart humor, but it’s actually about onions.

And squashes. And sunflowers. And birds. And elephants.

Since its launch in late January, The Parsnippety has included news reports on wheat filing a gluten discrimination lawsuit against people and bees announcing a pollination work stoppage until their living conditions improve.

The posts, written under several pseudonyms (including Clarissa Bullmother, Phillip Chaff), are the work of Minneapolitans. And there’s more than just rye — er, wry — humor behind the endeavor from this environmentally conscious couple.

They said there has been much written about nature, climate, agriculture and the ethical treatment of animals. The topics are serious, but the tone of the writing becomes so earnest and that's why they decided to address these issues with humor.

Besides twice-a-week reports, the site has three monthly features: an animated video and columns from Frank Eagle and advice expert Dr. Parsnippety.