It's a year ending in a number, so a Gophers coach must be being mentioned as a candidate for a high-profile job at another school.

In 2020, Gophers football coach P.J. Fleck was linked to the Tennessee job.

In 2019, Fleck was mentioned in connection to the Florida State job, while then men's basketball coach Richard Pitino's name was connected to Arkansas' vacancy.

And so on throughout history, which we'll get to more in a minute.

But first, the present: The new rumbling du jour is Fleck being one of several names mentioned for USC's sudden vacancy. Our Randy Johnson wrote about the ins and outs of that in great detail, and I talked about it on Friday's Daily Delivery podcast.

If you don't see podcast player, tap here to listen.

Here's the thing: Fleck is a good coach who can lay claim to one of the best seasons of the last half-century of Minnesota football in 2019. But he is also a long shot to be USC's next coach. And more to the point: These rumblings seldom lead to new jobs. Far more often, they lead to contract extensions.

That's why coaches don't mind being linked to openings.

And it's also a good reminder that you probably shouldn't worry about Fleck leaving. Lou Holtz left 36 years ago. No Gophers men's basketball or football coach has bolted for another job since then.

But plenty have been linked to other jobs before their time at Minnesota expired.

Remember when Dan Monson was going to leave for Washington? Never happened.

Remember when Glen Mason said, "If your program needs fixing, I'm one of the guys you're going to call." He never left.

Remember Tubby Smith being mentioned for every open job? He didn't leave.

Remember Pitino to Alabama? Didn't happen.

All of those coaches got extensions along the way and eventually were fired/bought out/whatever euphemism you want to use for an involuntary parting of ways.

I'm not saying that absolutely is what will happen with Fleck. He's young, he's an achiever and he has some national appeal.

I am saying I will be surprised if he gets this particular job — and not surprised at all if we learn about a contract extension at Minnesota after this season is over.