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Sarah Haugen and Tracy Lysne
January 22, 2022
Stack of books with a apple. Photo with clipping path. Similar photographs from my portfolio:

New Voices: Teacher burnout isn't new, only worse

Let's do something about it.
Bill Mathis
January 18, 2022
A help wanted sign is displayed at a gas station in Mount Prospect, Ill., Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

New Voices: Help wanted, needed, with small-business labor crisis

Federal policymakers must step in or risk losing countless small businesses.
Liliana Ahluwalia
December 30, 2021
According to an article in the National Association of Independent Schools, affinity groups are defined as “groups of people with common interests,

New Voices: Why we need affinity groups

These specialized groups give students a safe space to celebrate their identities while learning about the prejudice that surrounds them.
P.A. Jensen
December 11, 2021
Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve smiles during a press conference to announce she’d been named the head coach of USA Women’s Basketball Dec.

New Voices: For social justice, Coach Reeve should give up one of her jobs

She's a coaching legend with a passion for supporting women of color in leadership. She has an opportunity to directly make change.
Keri Mangis
November 27, 2021

New Voices: Please listen to an urban mom's hopes for her children

Suburban mothers seem to have a monopoly on media attention when it comes to education.
Maggie Kelly and D.J. Tice
November 13, 2021
An illustration of dialogue and thoughts taking place among silhouettes of people in various positions. The speech bubbles are yellow, pink, light blu

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