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Robin Abcarian
November 18
Unlike with Facebook or Twitter — social media platforms on which you decide whom to follow — once you sign up with Nextdoor, you’re automatical

Social network Nextdoor was supposed to encourage kindness among neighbors …

… but as is the case with other networks, users just can't stop themselves from being jerks. (Among other problems.)
Farhad Manjoo
November 18
Kyle Rittenhouse shot three men, killing two of them and wounding the third, during a protest against police brutality in Kenosha, Wis., last year. He

Wherever events were headed that night, weapons made matters worse

Why the Kyle Rittenhouse case is all about the guns.
Editorial, Mankato Free Press
November 17
U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn.

Hagedorn's inexplicable vote

Minnesota Republican opposed infrastructure bill that will greatly benefit his district.
August H. Nimtz
November 17
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., noted that for there to be racial equality in the U.S., “a radical redistribution of economic and political power�

Counterpoint: The real flaw in CRT is that it's not revolutionary enough

Systemic racism is rooted in capitalism itself.
Bret Stephens
November 17
Igor Danchenko leaves Albert V. Bryan United States Courthouse in Alexandria, Va., Nov. 4. Danchenko, a Russian analyst who contributed to a dossier o

A primer on the FBI's Russia/Trump misdeeds

It turns out the FBI can be both incompetent and biased.
Thomas L. Friedman
November 17
A droplet of water fell from an iceberg near the COP26 U.N. Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, on Nov. 5. The 4-ton block of ice, originally part of

Want to save the Earth? Capitalism.

We need tools that are as big as Mother Nature — Father Profit and New Tech.
Fredrik deBoer
November 17
“Whatever else we may want to say about the system,” writes Fredrik deBoer, an adherent to democratic socialism, “we cannot shut our eyes to the

Democratic socialism isn't as popular as Democratic socialists think

Those of us who believe in it like to think the system is rigged against us, but the truth is we need to change minds.
Binyamin Appelbaum
November 17
President Joe Biden has presented his approach to antitrust as a break from the 1970s influence of conservative jurist Robert Bork and a return to the

Monopoly's bad cousin — monopsony — and the labor-oriented awakening of antitrust

Checking corporate power over workers as well as consumers is a necessary corrective.
Kate Knuth
November 16
Incumbent Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey speaks to supporters at his campaign’s election night party at Jefe Urban Cocina Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 in Min

Trust will be key, and must be earned

Minneapolis leaders have an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with its citizens.
the Editorial Board of the New York Daily News
November 16
President Joe Biden signed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law at the White House on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021.

Don't waste the infrastructure bill

The spending is needed, but don't squander it on boondoggle projects.
Charles M. Blow
November 16
Torch-bearing white supremacists rally around a statue of Thomas Jefferson near the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Aug. 11, 2017.

Will white supremacy fade into 'light' supremacy?

America isn't the only country with a history of discrimination based on skin color.
the Editorial Board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
November 16
“Snowflake” is the term that conservatives have long used to denigrate liberals for being overly sensitive about exposure to opposing views.

Who's a 'snowflake' now?

Conservatives are the ones asserting victimhood these days by talk of race.
Dominic J. Packer and Jay J. Van Bavel
November 16
Sheep grazed near a solar farm at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., most likely unaware of their metaphorical tie-in to American ideology.

Who's really a 'freethinker' and who's actually a 'sheep'?

Individualism may be the ultimate form of American conformity.
Stephen L. Carter
November 16
The spike of inflation in the U.S. in 2021 — illustrated here with a repurposed photograph of a nation-shaped hot-air balloon — has been called �

What's this I hear about inflation being 'transitory'?

Please don't use that word that way.
Nicole MartinRogers, Mary Kunesh and Nicole Matthews
November 15
An art installation from Artists C3 was placed in front of the Capitol for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Awareness Day at the Minnes

The effort to end violence against Indigenous women and girls — one year later

Minnesota's task force has resulted in progress, but there's work left to be done.
Laetitia Moreau
November 15
Laetitia Moreau wonders: What about permanent standard time for Minnesota?

Counterpoint: Make standard time — not daylight saving time — permanent

Minnesotans need politicians, newspapers and clocks to serve them better.
Ross Douthat
November 15
President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

Can Reaganism rise again?

Inflation, crime, a global rival, cultural excess — the ingredients are in place, maybe not for an exact replay, but for an echo.
November 14

It's the economy, President Biden

He needs to heed lessons from past administration as inflation rises.
 Jeanne and Sue Rohland
November 14
St. Paul passed a 3% cap on rents in the recent election.

Rent-control flip adds insult to small landlords' injury

An open letter to St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter.
Zhao Jian
November 14
The Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, in China’s central Hubei province on Feb. 3, as members of the World Health Organization team investigatin

Origin tracing of COVID-19 should not be politicized

Make this a global investigation, as is appropriate based on evidence, and do not stigmatize China.
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