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Daniel McCarthy
July 27
Daniel McCarthy is running up against Rep. Ilhan Omar for her spot in Congress. Above, the U.S. Capitol building at sunset in Washington, D.C.

Why I'm challenging Ilhan Omar in the primary

I agree we need Medicare for All and police reform, but we need a new approach to make it happen.
John M. Crisp
July 27
People, including those with the boogaloo movement, demonstrate against business closures due to concern about COVID-19, at the State House in Concord

Are we ready for a Civil War Lite?

Some level of violence before the Trump era ends is becoming unpleasantly imaginable.
Andreas Kluth
July 27
A sign that mentions required facemasks at the Randalls grocery store in Bellaire, Texas, July 16.

COVID-19 is most dangerous for the young. Economically, that is.

Millennial careers will never fully recover from the Great Recession plus pandemic complications. The result could be disabling generational conflict.
Lisa Clemons
July 26
Police officers see countless horrors, the writer says, and their resulting PTSD is nothing to dismiss.

City Council members, don't you dare question the trauma cops endure

We see more in a single day than you will in your lifetime.
Nell Irvin Painter
July 24
An entry in the AP Stylebook explains the usage policy for the word “Black.”

Style and usage: 'White' should be capitalized, too

Being racialized makes white people squirm. So let's racialize them.
Katherine Kersten
July 24
Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine, Michael Bennet, Martin Heinrich and Chris Van Hollen knelt during a moment of silence at the U.S. Capitol on June 4.

Racial justice: The new religion?

The "woke" movement is built on shows of "right thinking" and Puritan-style intolerance.
July 24
The Minnesota Legislature met in special session July 13. Social distancing requires a small number of legislators in the House Chamber. The rest part

One (half) cheer for the Legislature

The failure to pass the bonding bill is painful.
Laird M. Easton
July 24
Most evidence indicates that the economic effects of the 1918 pandemic, above in St. Louis, were short-term.

Coronavirus's impact on the economy may be short-term

The recession is brutal, but historically, economies recover quickly.
Opinion Exchange
July 24

Trump wrongly rolls back rules aimed at housing disparities

He says Obama policy would 'destroy' suburbs.
Shannon O’Neil
July 24
A border patrol agent walks along a border wall separating Tijuana, Mexico, from San Diego, in San Diego on March 18.

Mexico's misery, and a resurgence of illegal immigration, could be any new administration's first crisis.

Resulting tensions of Mexico's misery and a resurgence of illegal immigration post-COVID could destabilize the tightly woven bilateral relationship.
Louis Hoffman
July 24
Protesters march on July 18, outside U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Counterpoint: All these former leaders tried to reform the MPD

And they failed. It's time to try something entirely new.
Jonah Goldberg
July 24
Federal officers used chemical irritants and projectiles to disperse Black Lives Matter protesters at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in

There's idiocy on all sides in the 'law and order' roadshow

Greatness is not part of the equation.
Justin Clark
July 24
Ballot harvesting is a danger with mail-in ballots, Justin Clark says.

Editorial counterpoint: Mail-in voting would undermine election integrity

The risk for ballot harvesting is high and we can't let that happen.
Bobby Ghosh
July 24
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran in late June. He was sitting under a portrait of the late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini durin

Democratic Party just doesn't understand Iran's regime

They imagine that the supreme leader will mend his ways if only he can be persuaded that the U.S. is not out to get him.
Francis Wilkinson
July 24
U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., spoke on the House floor Thursday. Ocasio-Cortez’s objections to a Republican lawmaker’s verbal assaul

AOC's powerful and historic floor speech

The vulgar Ted Yoho will be remembered as the doormat on which a rising star wiped her shoes.
Melvin W. Carter Jr.
July 24
A St. Paul police officer prepared to removed handcuffs from a man who was detained and questioned following a suspicious activity call in 2017.

Melvin W. Carter Jr.: Define policing, once again, as a peacekeeping endeavor

Over the past century, the term "law enforcement" has hijacked the mission.
Jackie Cherryhomes, F. Clayton Tyler, Tim Baylor, Don Samuels, Sondra Samuels, Tom Hoch and Mark Addicks
July 23
Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo would be ineligible to oversee the City Council’s newly imagined public safety department.

Minneapolis needn't change its charter to change policing

City Council members haven't done the hard work of developing specific and actionable reforms.
Steven Rattner
July 23
Judy Shelton, whom President Donald Trump has nominated to the Federal Reserve Board, during congressional testimony in February.

Heaven help us if Judy Shelton joins the Fed

Trump's latest unqualified nominee to the Federal Reserve Board must be rejected.
Steven Pearlstein
July 23
The Charging Bull sculpture in New York’s Financial District.

Wall Street seems oblivious to the political threat of 2020

A Democratic sweep would produce initiatives — warranted ones, in my view — that would reduce profits, at least for a while.
Ben Cohen
July 23
Holocaust survivor Judy Meisel (pictured here in 2017) held a photo of her parents Osser Beker (father) and Mina Beker (mother) that was taken around

The last living memories of the Holocaust will soon be gone

My grandmother's are among them.
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