Olivia Wilde certainly gave birth to a controversy on Wednesday night.

The “Vinyl” actress, who’s pregnant with her second child with actor Jason Sudeikis, found herself under heavy criticism after daring to complain that nobody would give up a seat to her on the subway.

“NBD, able-bodied [subway] riders who won’t give your seat to a GIANT preggo. I’ll just stand riiiiight next to your head and pray I go into labor,” Wilde wrote.

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The reaction wasn’t particularly sympathetic on social media.

“Pregnancy is not an illness or disability. You’re rich, call Uber or catch a cab! Entitled much?” hissed a hater.

“First of all, pregnancy is a CHOICE just like giving up your seat is,” a Twitter user named Crystal Cruz wrote. “You’ve got a lot of nerve. So someone who’s been working.”

“@oliviawilde ugh, get over it, i handled being bigger than you are, deal woman,” another detractor, identified as Rhonda, chimed in, later adding, “sometimes women have to stop being babies, why didnt she just ask for the seat, try that next time.”

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“@oliviawilde perhaps saying; ‘excuse me do you mind if I sit there I’m pregnant’ rather than tweet would make more sense,” yet another user concurred.

“Communicate with other human beings? Na. Rather bitch about it on Twitter,” still another critic weighed in.

And then, inevitably, there was, “No guy offered their lap as an option to sit on?”

Clearly, there’s a lesson to be learned here: Don’t get pregnant.