A roundup of extraordinary stories from around the world.

Meet the 105-year-old sprinter who would love to race Usain Bolt

Hidekichi Miyazaki set a record as the world's oldest competitive sprinter one day after turning 105, but said he was disappointed at falling short of his own personal best.


Hero grandma aces 'beer mile,' says she could have done it faster drinking scotch

Elvira Montes from Texas beat her 47-year-old daughter's time and put her son-in-law to shame — he didn't even finish the race.


Six things that could send you to an early grave

There may be hidden dangers in the things we do every day and don't even think about.


World's first anti-aging drug could see humans live to 120

Scientists believe the common diabetes drug metformin could hold the secret of long life, and they want to start a groundbreaking human trial this year.


City opens playground for the over-70s only

The "older people's play area" in Manchester, England, features six pieces of equipment — and the slogan "Never too old to play" — designed to provide gentle exercise.


Village of the dolls

In a shrinking Japanese village, an artist creates replicas of residents who move away or die.