Adelmann, Patrick "Pat" Charles was born in 1954 into a hard-working family, the fifth of nine children of Charles and Elizabeth (Betty Lou) Adelmann, with an extensive extended family. Their home in Bloomington was very modest and resources were limited. However, the still semi-rural community was a benefit, allowing the boys more freedom to play, ride bikes, scooters, and tractors, skate, care for their three ponies and get into "trouble". There was a lot to do, and everyone had responsibilities. Never one to shy away from hard work and preferring to work outside, Pat made a career in the construction business as a skilled mason for Gresser Companies. He was meticulous, with standards as high as his patience was low. He was promoted to management and was a tough taskmaster. We never wondered from which parent he inherited those traits. And like his parents, Pat also did for others, helping whenever anyone needed cement work, or anything, done. Pat's move to Farmington was likely the most positive experience and opportunity of his life. He delighted and thrived in working in his large yard and added gardens and vintage accessories from local auctions. Pat's home was his sanctuary, but he also appreciated its proximity to local activities and attractions, where he connected with the locals and found his niche. His rear yard garage was overflowing with vintage "stuff", but also equipped with everything a guy needed to welcome friends, became a neighborhood hangout, where they shared a cold beer and tall tales. For several years, health issues compromised Pat's quality of life. His lifetime of very hard work, combined with inherited heart weaknesses, brought much pain and frustration. He struggled, yet persevered and pursued countless resources, surgeries, and procedures. In Pat's last conversation with a sibling, he expressed optimism! He discussed plans for his yard in the Spring and looked forward to finally feeling like himself, renewing relationships - and living! With this spirit of hope and optimism, Pat closed his eyes at the end of 2023 and opened them in the New Year of New Life in his Everlasting Home with Jesus! Forever in our hearts! The Memorial service for Pat will be held on Tuesday, February 20, at Assumption Catholic Church in Richfield. Visitation begins at 10:00, with the service at 11:00. The burial ceremony and blessings will follow at Assumption Cemetery adjacent to the church. Following this ceremony, Pat's family invites those attending to gather in the church for a luncheon and warm conversations and connections with friends and family. We look forward to hearing about your memories of our brother. Pat is preceded in death by his parents, Charlie and Betty Lou Adelmann. He is survived by eight siblings and many nieces and nephews, plus many cousins and a loyal network of friends. BLOOMINGTON, MN 952.888.7771

Published on February 15, 2024