Lund, William "Bill" Arthur entered the gates of heaven on Friday, November 8, 2019. Bill was known for his love for all people and his ability to make you feel like you were the most important person in the room. He was a great motivator and loved to inspire and connect with others through telling a great story. He was a friend to all, a man who would give anyone in need his last dollar, sound advice, and a ride anywhere. Bill was the co-founder and CEO of Covenant Kids, Inc. dba CK Family Services, a Christian non-profit foster care, adoption and behavioral health agency in Texas, where he worked alongside his wife and CK co-founder, Karen, and son, Daniel. Bill, a beacon of faith, hope, and love for many, led the transformation of the vision that he and Karen conceived from noble idea into one of the most significant and impactful non-profit organizations in Texas. Bill also partnered with his daughter, Jessica, as owner of three Primrose Schools providing accredited early education and care. Their preschools served countless numbers of families in Fort Worth with a strong reputation in the community where they lived. Bill found true joy in working with his family in businesses with missions to enhance the lives of others, especially children. Bill was born in Minneapolis, MN, the son of Art and Betty Lund. He grew up as the second youngest of seven brothers and sisters, all who remain close and whose emails and time together was a non-stop laugh, usually at one of the siblings' expense. He attended Edina High School where he almost missed too many days of school to graduate but made lifelong friendships and loved playing on the basketball team. He read constantly about current events and the news of the day; a passion inspired by his mom and dad. Bill's enormous ticket stub collection from the live sporting events he attended with his son, grandkids and friends is a collection fit for a museum. Bill loved music and always had a playlist for the moment. Bill loved his family. He and Karen were high school sweethearts, married for 44 years. With Bill's love for excitement and new adventures, Karen was the perfect support and partner. Bill was a devoted, encouraging dad. He and Karen enjoyed a close bond with Jessica and Daniel and were so proud of their successes. Weekends and summers at Grampa's lake house will be the most cherished memories of his five grandchildren; Claire, Luke, Addelyn, Pyper, and Fynlee. Big dinners, boat rides, swimming in the pool, driving his race car, taking vacations and watching the sunset from his favorite patio chair were just a few of his favorite things to do with his family. Bill was a tall man with a big voice and even larger vision. He had an outstanding ability to bring talented, passionate people together for a great cause. He was truly Christ-like in his ability to love without judgement and provide encouragement and understanding to others who were hurting. He spent countless hours and nights mentoring men and encouraging them in their personal journeys. He found camaraderie and friendship in his Monday night men's meetings. The reach of Bill's influence extends beyond our ability to measure. Countless thousands, whether directly or indirectly, know faith, hope, and love today because he stood in gap after gap, establishing the foundation; a conduit for like-minded and passionate individuals to multiply their potential to meet the needs of our neighbors and strengthen our community. In life he prepared us and with his passing he has empowered us. Now all that remains is faith, hope and love; which is to say, he has gifted us the most important things we need to press onward. In addition to his immediate family and grandchildren, Bill is survived by his six brothers & sisters: Peter Lund, Pat Marsh, Susan Lund (Larry), Tony Lund (Cris), Betsy Rausch (Curt), Tom Lund. The celebration of Bill's life was held at Watermark Community Church of Fort Worth on Friday, November 15th. Donations can be made to CK Family Services at:

Published on November 17, 2019