This is how it starts, lightining strikes the heart, goes off like a gun, Brighter Than the Sun.

In the 7 1/2 short years that Emily was here on earth, she was an Angel on a human journey. Emily always had a smile on her face, even facing a nearly two year journey with brain cancer. During her journey she never complained; instead Emily took every appointment or procedure as an opportunity to make new friends with the doctors, nurses, or anyone else who asked about her painted nails, or pretty dress.

Emily always found the people who needed a friend; new classmates, or even adults who felt out of place. Emily captured the hearts of the community with her sunshine smile; whether it was dancing or cheerleading She never cared that her hair was gone or different from the other girls with long hair. Emily was always willing to help other children, even participating in fundraiser for pediatric cancer research during her journey.

Nothing stopped her spirit; one day after a chemo infusion, Emily was out on the football field with her cheer team cheering for a football game! While Emily gained her Angel wings on January 5th, 2014 she still lives in the hearts of the many people she touched. Emily continues to show signs to those who's heart she touched that she is with us in spirit.