St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter announced three high-level hires on Wednesday, including public works and finance directors and a position overseeing major redevelopment projects.

Sean Kershaw, former vice president at the Wilder Foundation’s Center for Communities and executive director of the Citizens League, will become public works director. Former City Council President Kathy Lantry held the job for five years before retiring in March.

The finance director role will be filled by John McCarthy, who was promoted from budget director to the interim director role last year when former director Todd Hurley left to join the St. Paul Port Authority.

Melanie McMahon, an attorney who most recently worked as a legislative aide to Council Member Chris Tolbert, will take on a new “executive project lead for redevelopment” role, which will involve overseeing eight redevelopment projects including the former Ford, Sears and Hillcrest sites.